About the Listserv

The New Brunswick Official Student Listserv (NBOSL) is a weekly newsletter published every Tuesday during the semester and distributed via email to undergraduate and graduate students at Rutgers–New Brunswick. NBOSL contains official and timely student information on health, safety, and academic topics. Students are responsible for knowing the information in these notices and taking appropriate action. In addition to the email newsletter, this website contains the current version of the newsletter and an archive of past messages.

For additional information, follow any of the links in our announcements. Students may also contact RU-info at 732-445-info (4636), text 732-662-2664, or visit info.rutgers.edu/ru-info for further assistance.

The New Brunswick Official Student Listserv is produced by Campus Information Services, a unit of Rutgers Communications, for the Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs.